Lura participated in this fair from 06-04-2018 to 07-04-2018 in the Tirana, Albania. The fair organized by Expo City is the largest fair in Albania and has visitors from different countries. During the two days of the fair, the number of visitors reached 8000. The purpose of this fair was to promote the services of our company in a Balkan Region in a country such as Albania and the opportunity to bring groups of tourists to our country. It was also important for us to see different models of rural tourism development considering that Albania has sufficiently developed rural tourism. Our company was introduced with a stand of 12 m2. We had promotional materials with us, ranging from stand design to brochures, banners, business cards and other materials. The visitor’s interest was big enough. They like our touristic village and expressed their interest to visit us considering that Kosovo is a new place for them in the list of places to be visited. In front of the visitors we present our services including accommodation in the bungalows, tasty food in the restaurant, rakia which we produce from our fruits, recreation areas but also the Novoberdo region in general as a model of rural tourism development in Kosovo. Except simple visitors, there was also interest from tourist companies who were interested in bringing tourists to Kosovo.

Our presentation at this fair was part of the project “Enhancing Rural Tourism, Recreation and Quality Farming in Novo Brdo”, which is a project funded by the European Union.